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i live here:SF


(photo by Julie Michelle)

A couple of months ago, I wrote about some of my favorite San Francisco blogs … and through the magic of the interwebs, this connected me with Julie Michelle, author and artist behind i live here: sf. Julie invited to be here 90th subject, and we took a walk around SOMArts for the photo shoot. You can view the slideshow, along with my essay about discovering a community through art, here.

Video Offerings

It is coming up on my one-year anniversary at SOMArts … last year I arrived in San Francisco during our annual Day of the Dead exhibition. This year, there is a big opening party on Friday, October 16 and we will be celebrating! Rene Yanez, Day of the Dead co-curator, is featured in this month’s episode of CultureWire (at 2’49) and I am at the end talking about SOMArts programs and what makes us unique (21’52).

More episodes of CultureWire are available from the San Francisco Arts Commission on Vimeo.

sfPeek: Stop to Smell the Murals

Of course, one can’t really “smell” murals. But, there are so much gorgeous public art in San Francisco that is easy to take for granted. I was reminded of this via Klick, an iphone app that allows users to post their photos and also see what other people are posting near their geographic location. I find myself using the “near me” feature to discover new places of interest around the city. This week, on my bus ride to work, a whole collection of mural images popped up in the Mission. If you search for “mural + san francisco” on Flickr, you get a variety of mural images from the whole city.

And, if you have a little more time, Precita Eyes offers a walking tour of murals–more than 60 murals in 10 blocks–for $12 to $5.

sfPeek: Western Edition

western_editionFor many of my SF friends, the amazing skateboard artwork of Ian Johnson is probably old news, but I just discovered his jazz portraits this weekend on the blog Hell Yeah Dude. If I had $225 to spare, these would be mine. Too bad that tax refund is already spoken for.

sfPeek: CATWALK 2009

CATWALKCATWALK is an elite modeling competition that caters to the Transgender Community (male to female). Its purpose is “to encourage and empower the TG community to excel in the fast-evolving world of fashion and unique marketing.”

The photo (taken with iphone, wish I’d brought my real camera!) is from this year’s competition at SOMArts Cultural Center, held on Saturday, April 4. More are at the SOMArts Flickr group.

Favorite moment: the finalists had a Q&A. One was asked “What one word comes to mind when you see someone who is intolerant of who you are and your lifestyle?” For me, it was the most suspenseful moment of the show. What is the internal response to systemic intolerance as harsh as that which is meted out to the TG community? What is your knee-jerk, one-word reaction? What would my reaction be in her place?

Her answer? “Challenge.” The moment, and the spirit of the whole event, was very true to SOMArts’ mission to foster an appreciation of and respect for all cultures. Hopefully, CATWALK will return to SOMArts in 2010.

sfPeek: Monster Drawing Rally

This year, I volunteered as a seller at the Southern Exposure Monster Drawing Rally. Being a seller was hot, sweaty, and fun. But the volunteers who amazed me most (aside from the artists, of course!) were the photographers who tried to catch the drawings as they flew off the tables and onto the walls. Hundreds of drawings were created in a span of three hours and photographing and documenting them was not as simple as it might sound. These folks (Andy Vogt, Sarah Smith and Terrance Graven) worked out a system. It required a lot of pre-planning, even construction. Nobody knew how it was going to play out, and in the best spirit of dedicated volunteerism, they made it work. 

Now, you can reap the benefits of their hard work with this peek into the artwork created at this year’s MDR: Also a great resource for geeky arts lovers (like me) who are always looking for new artist websites.